Jul 3, 2011

Tea Lovers Roady

Jules and I went on a roady on Saturday....for the whole day!  Just girls time....so much fun, don't get me wrong we love our kids and men but THIS was required!

The girls got all glammed up, coffee for the roady, gps mounted and off we went.  Our road trip was all featured around The Finders Keepers Market....which we were desperate to attend.  I'm not going to share much about that in this post ....tune in for next post on that.

BUT on our journey we detoured into a little shop called T2 ....OMG!!!!!!! Can I just say wow.  First of all, I had no idea what this shop was even about except to say that I was drawn to the most amazing, visually, eye boggling tea cup store display that I have ever seen.  This photo seriously does not even do justice.  The colours were so bright and vibrant, as well as the smell of all that deliciousness of exotic teas, it was difficult to control myself.  I was super inspired.

I had to buy something, I wanted to purchase an entire teacup set, but forced myself to stick to the budget.  I  purchased for my little girls, two little gypsy teacups (secretly for baby chinos that I make them).  Aren't adorable??

I have been dying to start this new watercolor journal for about 2 weeks now, but have been struggling to come up with something.  To be truthful, I have lost my art mojo and I was scared of ruining it.  I don't know about you guys but for some reason once I get one page down it all starts to flow from there...the fear disappears.  I'm on a roll now.  Hopefully Miss Mojo returns sometime soon....I really miss her!