Dec 17, 2012

Teesha Moore Inspiration

The lovely Kimberlee from One Story Down shares lots of interesting Art Journaling tips and tricks in the ART JOURNALING 101 thread.  And just recently she shared some links of TEESHA MOORE'S art journaling process from creating her journals, adding the collage elements and writing in them. You can find the post here.  

I found this totally inspiring and although I had seen the videos awhile ago it prompted me to find my little journal that I made from following her process.  I look at the front cover now and wonder why I never did more with it...maybe I thought it was finished.

I remember at the time of me completeing this journal I felt quite proud of I have dozens of incomplete art journals in my cupboard, some with more realistic illustrations, some with more of a doodle style documenting my daily events and some more of a visual approach.  This journal is only small 10cm x 15cm..and probably the reason why I finished it. LOL.

Anyhow this is my Teesha Moore inspired journal and I might just go and finish the front and back cover now.