Mar 21, 2013

A bit about us...

We had a little feature in Scrapbook Graphics newsletter this week, so we asked our girls Kimberlee and Em to come up with some questions ... hope you enjoy it!

Q: Where do you find your inspiration? What inspires you?
BOTH: It can be from anything really, a word or phrase in a song, something that we saw on tv or in a magazine, a colour, an idea that leads to something e.g. an illustration one of us has done, then it grows from there. Basically…. it always starts with a small idea and then evolves from there!
Q: Do you always agree on your designs? How do the two of you battle it out, especially if you don't agree?
JULES: I reckon about 95% of the time we're both on the same page with designing… we're pretty similar in style and ideas… so that makes it really easy. The other 5% percent of the time… we just tell it each how it is.
Eg. Don - "that's yuck." Jules - "no way." hahhah

Q: As a team how do you divide your creative work?
DON: After we've decided on what we're going to do, we work out who's going to do what etc. We generally do the elements together though. If we want some hand painted pages, ellies or word art, then I do those. I also work on the blog and loading previews to the shop. I also look after The Painted Nest along with Kimberlee. Doesn't sound like I do much. hahaha but I do, believe me :)
JULES: Like what Don said above, but I do all the shop stuff and also manage our Facebook page, promotions, graphics, emails etc. I'm kinda like the organiser out of the pair of us. Don gets confused easily. LOL
DON: No she's just very bossy! :)

Q: How did you get started with Art Journaling?
DON: We've always been arty girls at school and at home…. but I guess my art journaling began seriously when I had my first child. it was something that I could do that helped me with anxiety (which was off the richter scale) and gave me some release. By the third child, I seriously needed some ME time and it became a passion and a need to have something for myself. I seemed to get lost for hours on one page and the feeling I got afterwards was refreshing and recharged.
JULES: I've tried and tried to unsuccessfully keep an art journal that I like…. I think I've got about 5 art journals with only 1 page in it… because I can't stand looking at them. lol
Basically, I'm the digital guru in the family…. I'm a hopeless doodler, and even worse at painting, hence Don's contribution, but I do LOVE to digital art journal when I have time. Actually. I love creating anything really, so when I'm designing I get my creative release from doing all of that. I just love it.

Q: What is your favorite part of designing?
BOTH: We both love individual aspects of designing, but one of our all time favourite things we do together and love it to bits, is the naming of our stuff.

Q: What is your favourite product line and why?
BOTH: We both love our Mini Art Journaling Kits. When we originally designed them last year, we wanted a mini kit that could give folks that 'quick art journal fix', so folks could get enough from a mini kit to get a quick art page down.

But one of the most important things we also wanted to focus on, was introducing scrapbookers into the digital art journaling scene. We had heard so many folks say they wanted to give it a try, but they didn't know where to start. So when we decided to make our mini art journalling kits, our goal was not to overwhelm anyone, we wanted to keep it simple and introduce people to elements, papers and feelings that they may be able to connect and journal with.

Q: Tell us about your Art Journaling Projects.
BOTH: Well. we have two projects. Firstly we'll explain what Room 19 is all about.
We have designed Room 19 with the idea of providing one project per month. Each month we will provide folks with a project that is jam packed with a collection of product to assist them in completing not one, but many Art Journal pages.
Room 19 is just a guide or a starting point if needed. We don't proclaim to be experts in self help, guides or anything like that but what we do know is that Art is a great release and can help you to discover things about yourself.
Art Journals are a great way to use your creativity to express your feelings or ideas. You can add personal writing or not. It's entirely up to you.
We've put a little video together to show you all about our Room 19 projects.

With the assistance of Kimberlee (our CT lady) we have also created The Painted Nest which is a free fortnightly (once every two weeks) art journaling challenge that we host at SBG. The whole idea is to bridge the gap between scrapbooking and art journaling. By offering free elements, challenge prompts and a colour swatch it instantly creates a starting point for everyone. By providing The Painted Nest we wanted to give 1st timers the opportunity to have a go without having to purchase an truck load of art journaling supplies. Also we wanted to create an atmosphere of 'no pressure'. It's all about having a go with an emphasis on FUN!

Q: Now for some fun questions! What's your favourite wine?
BOTH: We LOVE red wine and Merlot is the best!

Q: Do you ever get tired of answering questions about being twins?
JULES: Yes definitely when we were younger. We really wanted to be individuals but quite often referred to as the twinnies. Now it doesn't bother me becaus we've changed a lot in features. You can clearly see we're sisters and occasionally we get the twin thing, so it's not too bad.

Q: Do you have twin telepathy?

Q: Who was first born? Who is the funniest? Who is more mellow? Goofier?
DON: Jules is the first born by three minutes. Who is the funniest... ummm not sure we've both got a dry sense of humour, but together we can turn the tiniest thing into a wet our pants moment for sure!! Our husbands often look at us and call us weirdos. Does that answer it! LOL
I'd say I'm more mellow then Jules. She can handle crowds. I tend to shy away from that kinda stuff. I let her do all the talking when we have too, although we both love to talk LOL.
Goofier? We're both a bit goofy in our own ways but I've got a goofy habit that I'm known for. Apparently I argue the point about things, when I'm 90% always wrong. I often see Jules looking at me, then saying… ummm… not sure that's right. My natural response of course is 'trust me I'm right, I know what I'm talking about' and it always turns out I'm wrong. Poor me. LOL

Q: If you could have one super power what would it be?
DON: Invisibility. I already have this power!! I walk around the house talking and no one responds to me. I just wish I could turn it on when they are all cray cray and I need a break! hahah
JULES: Oh man… that's a hard one. I can't think of one.

Q: Bacon ... yes or no?
BOTH: Definitely yes!!! Especially on a steak sandwich…
JULES: Great now I'm hungry!
Okay if you want to get to know us even further, check out this video we made!

Now, what you've all been waiting for…. a little somethin' somethin' as our gift to you!


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