Apr 26, 2013

Room 19 - Project # 4 | Astrology

Do you think things are written in the stars?  Have you spent time gazing at or dancing under the light of the moon?  Do you create dream boards based on the moon cycles?

If so, this new mega kit may be just the thing for you.  It is filled with amazing astrological goodness to let you create pages about destiny, the wonder of the night sky, star-crossed lovers, your sign/personality, etc.  The list can go on and on.  And look at all of the fabulous things in store for you just waiting to be unwrapped.  

Aren't those stitches just so yummy and original?  <3

Here are a couple of pages that show the variety of the kit.

From Em 

and Kimberlee

Run out and grab your Room 19 kit today!  Create some pages and link us up so we can see what you did.