May 20, 2013

The Artist Hub & The Sparrows SPOTflight --> June

The Sissy Sparrows Team has been working very hard on a few behind the scenes project. We're very proud and super excited to share with you all... The Artist Hub and The Sparrows SPOTflight.

The Artists Hub

Although Sissy Sparrows focusses primarily on digital art journaling, our creative process stems from the love of drawing, painting and collage techniques then rendering these into a digital format. We are influenced by many artists which has been paramount in determining our specific style.

We brainstormed ways in which we could share with you all, the creative world and an insight into understanding the creative processes of some very talented and inspirational artists!

We give you The Artists Hub.... this monthly expose will be a hugely gratify, influential and enriching experience for all of us!

Take a look at the amazing artists we have features organised for 2013..... squealing with excitement!

The Sparrows SPOTflight

So some other amazing features the Sissy Sparrows team has cooked up for you all is our Sparrows SPOTflight... we have taken the time to contact the other very important part of our world... our customers!

We wanted to get to know you all a little bit better.... and share some creativeness from the everyday journaler!

A special thanks to Em and Kimberlee - your support is priceless!