Jun 10, 2013

Artist Hub Special Guest Irina Teeshoom

How exciting today is a special day....one where we launch our Artist Hub series of Exposè's.
This is a fun group of fabulously creative people all helping us bridge the gap between traditonal and digital art journaling and scrapbooking. Most importantly its about sharing some exceptionally talented and brilliant artists that inspire us and we are sure they will inspire you too. So over the coming months and well into 2014 we will be exposing these incredible people sharing a little insight into their creative process and get to know them a whole lot more.
Our first amazingly inspiring artist is a constant source of swoon worthy goodness. Her approach to scrapbooking is very freestyle something I wish I could capture. But its Irina that does this so well. Her pages are filled with lots of texture, depth and a fun tongue in cheek humour shines through all her work.

Introducing the amazing...
Irina Teeshoom
Here is Irina's Story...

My Name is Irina (aka Teeshoom). I'm from Moscow...
I'm a dreamer, woman, mother, wife....
My favourite hobbies are graphic design, photography and scrapbooking. I'm a mixed media artist. I love free style and can't imagine my projects without paints.
First I got my camera. This was the beginning of my creative life. I began my scrapbooking journey in digital then I tried paper, it opened a new door for me. I became a fan of freestyle and paints.
Now my camera is clicking beside me. Paper rustling on the table. Paints are smelling, smearing, spraying and shining in the cans. There are several programs running on the computer at the same time and the internet is waiting for me to look at all the tabs, links, mail and pictures...I create because I want to learn new things. I want to know more about the world and myself. I want to find a perfect way to express my thoughts.
The best inspiration for me is nature...nature is powerful, clean and ideal.
It gives me a feeling that is hard to express but as an artist i find inspiration from my natural environment and is what I draw from to express my inner world.
99% of my projects start with a photo. Then an idea grows from this and I run with it.
usually my favourite artworks are my latest, because as time goes by I start to notice details that I don't like.
Below is a fabulous example of how digital design and traditional scrapping
techniques are blurred. Irina photoshopped the 'Panda Girl' by using a vintage photo and superimposing an image of a panda to create a quirky character.
'Panda Girl'
by Irina Teeshoom
(Using 7 Dots Studio products.)

Irina also wanted to share a very cool video which she draws inspiration from. Its jam packed full of great imagery and design ideas all of which compliment the music.
The Fox by Niki & The Dove

To discover more about Irina and her work head over to her blog here and do your self a favour check out her Flickr Gallery too you will surely revel in her beautiful projects they are simply gorgeous.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading about Teeshoom and a big thank you Irina for kick starting our Artist Hub Exposè I can't wait to see more of your spectacular art works over the coming years.