Aug 12, 2013


This months Artist Hub Exposé is a quick look into the life of Jane Davenport. 
Jane is a widely exhibited and licensed artist, Prize winning author, Art Journal Evangelist and an international workshop instructor. She has online art schools and thousands of students.
Jane is most often found in her studio nestled in the koala strewn woodland at her dream home, 'The Nest' in Byron Bay, Australia's most easterly point. Jane's students and friends call her Danger.
Jane's journey is quite a metamorphosis. 
From Fashion Illustrator to textile designer. A runway photographer then establishing a retail store filled with all her fabulous art and momentos that paid homage to her love of the ladybird. Jane went on to published several books and after discovering art journaling fell completely inlove with the mixed media community, finding her creative home! So without futher ado please sit back and enjoy learning a little bit more about this inspiring colourful woman...

Introducing the amazing....
Here is her story...

Do you keep an art journal and if so how is this an integral part of your work?
Oh yes! BIG time! When I first started journaling it was therapy and it helped me process some big life events. Then it became a space between ideas and the canvas for my painting...and gradually it has completely taken over my art practice. I love working on paper and in books. There is something so nourishing and satisfying about working in a book. I get to revel in a body of work. I have always created artwork in stories, arcs and themes, and this is the ultimate expression of that tendency.

I have several Art Journals going at any one time. They are all sizes and at different stages. I have art supply 'stations' and journals scattered around wherever I like to spend time, just so I can catch the creative urge. 

How would you describe your art to people who have not seen it before?
Whimsical, colourful and dreamy. I make art from my imagination and love encouraging others to do the same. It may look like I teach drawing and painting to my thousands of students...but what I am really doing is sending artistic confidence rocketing into the upper-inspirationsphere.

What is your greatest influence and where do you find inspiration?
Art supplies! Very often I head to my studio through the garden, take my seat, and just run my hands over my tools...just waiting for which ones shout out to my creative muse the loudest!

What is your process in creating your artwork and do you have a 'go to' thing 
that always inspires you?
My process varies all the time... I draw, I paint, I photograph, I art journal, I write, I film. I empower. And I share. OH! How I LOVE to share. My studio is set up so that I can record what I create if I feel like it. When I am recording, I definitely create artwork I perceive as 'better'. Maybe because it feels like I have company? Whatever the reason, I enjoy the process and results!
What is your favourite piece of artwork you have created and why?
I have an online workshop that is a collaboration with Teesha Moore called 'Mermaid Circus' and the artwork from that gives me a real kick.
This is from a shaped Artist's Book we created:

...and these are other favourites. I love drawing and painting mermaids. I feel at peace when I do.

I find it so exciting how much artist exposure has changed in the last few years. It used to be that you could only find your audience working with galleries and working toward exhibitions. Not so any more! Now patrons and artists can find each other through modern technology and connect directly if that suits them. I used to spend heaps amount of my time working with galleries, shipping framed pieces, going on tour and even opened my own successful gallery. I was spending so much time out of teh studio I knew something wasn't quite right!

Now I have an online store and sell prints of my work through
When You find what works for you, I say embrace it!

Recently I was asked by Artist Cellar to design a series of stencils- the brief was wide open- I could create whatever I wanted!

I am very passionate about people never putting their artwork 'down' and wondered if I could create something that would help budding artists to gain confidence in their drawing.

I designed four stencils that do exactly that and I am so pleased that they have been so thoroughly embraced. The artwork that I see created with them is so amazing and I just love the excitement and creative confidence they help grow. I find it super-inspirational!

Here is an artwork I created using the stencils.
Below it you will see a video of the artwork coming together.

How amazing is Jane! Thank you Jane your story is such an interesting one filled with lots of amazing experiences you most certainly have us all inspired.

If you would like to learn more and perhaps participate in Jane and Teesha Moores online workshop
'Mermaid Circus' 
Click here

To get your hands on some of Janes fabbo stencils go here and grab some to add to your stash.

Thank you Jane its been an absolute pleasure getting to know you.