Sep 1, 2013


Hi everyone welcome to the fourth interview from our 'SPOTflight Series' which are a little look into the lives of some of our fabulous Sissy Sparrows followers. 
We get a fab insight into their motivations, influences and favourite Sissy Sparrows products.

This month we are having a conversation with the wonderful 
Erin Wright
...most of you would know her as MIMISGIRL in digiland! 
So sit back, relax and discover more about this talented lady!

1: What program are you using to create your projects and if you are a keen photographer what camera do you use?
I use Photoshop CS2, It is what I learned on and it works for me, I have no real desire to upgrade. I don't get much time so when I do have time I want to use it creating, not learning a new program. For Christmas my husband bought a Sony Alpha 57, which I have come to love even though he usually has it around his neck. That's ok though because he takes gorgeous pictures for me!

2: Can you share a little bit about yourself?
   I am a stay at home, home schooling mum of three, aged 6 months, 5 years and 9 years. My husband is a linguist so we travel the world quite a bit and have spent the last 9 years in various countries in Asia. I love anything that has to do with creating and colour and I try to incorporate that into my family life as much as possible. I most enjoy leading art journal/art therapy type workshops and collecting inspiration for art journaling.

3: Have you always been a digital art journaler/scrapbooker or was it a gradual progression into this form of self-expression?
I have always used art for emotional expression. I found at a young age that it helped me to best process what I was feeling and was just plain fun taboot. I picked up scrapbooking when I got married in 2001 but kept it very separate from my 'art'.

When we started moving around so much I realised it just was not feasible to keep all the art supplies on hand that I liked to really make good art- or scrapbooks for that matter- and some countries just don't have supplies readily available. So when I stumbled on digital scrapbooking I was really excited but it was limiting in my artostic expression.

Then surfing the internet I stumbled on digital art journaling. So over the last 10 years I have slowly moved into more digital expression, though when I am really in emotional distress I still go for the hands-on experience. I keep several mixed media journals going in addition to my digital files. 

At the moment our living room has been converted into an art studio as I work on painting three doors my husband brought home for me. Its really fun, especially when the whole family gets into it.

4: Where do you find inspiration and what is your process in creating a page or art journal entry? 
I find inspiration everywhere really. Magazines, catalogues, billboards, nature, fashion, my kids artwork, the sock drawer...yeah pretty much everywhere!

My process seems to be a little different everytime, but usually when I go to make a page, I start with an emotion, then I find an image, quote or colour that really expresses that emotion to me and I just let it go from there. Often after I have the main bit down I find myself just cruising through my stash for any little thing that 'feels right' and throw it in for good measure.

I also have an inspiration stash of quotes and pictures that speak to me in some way. Usually I pull from this to flesh out the emotion, but sometimes when something really stands out for me I start there.

When I lead workshops introducing people to mixed media art journaling they are often a bit anxious about messing up. The thing I love most about art journaling is that it is just for me. I don't have to share it with anyone if I don't want to so I feel a lot more freedom to experiment and try new techniques. If I don't like something I can either paint over it or trash it and start again. Once folks get that, there is this amazing change and they end up doing some really great stuff. I try to encourage people new to art journaling who are feeling anxious to just let go and have fun. It works the same way in digi journaling. Everyone has a different style so just express yourself.

5: What is your favourite 'Sissy Sparrow' product/kit include a short description as to why you like it? Gosh I don't think there is one favourite product, I just love the style of Sissy Sparrows and how it matches my own style in handmade journals. I also love how the different products speak to different aspects of life and different emotions we experience.  

If I had to choose, then I love the colours and happy playful feel of  'Catching Dragons'. I have used it for a variety of different pages with different feels. I almost always used one of the Grunge Stamp Packs as well. I keep them in their own folder just to plop all over the place.

Here are two of Erin's unique mixed media style pages. 
 'Finding Trust'
Room 19- Project 6 'Bravery' by Sissy Sparrows

'Happiness in Me'

 Below is one of Erin's cool mood boards. Its just one sampling of some of the things that inspires her.
and is put together just like a real pinboard!

Thank you so much Erin, it was fabulous to get an insight into your digi process, your art journal and mixed media background and especially love your mood board its a very cool way of having all your faves in one visual reference.

To get to know Erin more head on over to her blog
'Another Cup for the Road' 

and dont forget to check out Erin's fabulously colourful and bold works in her most up-to-date gallery 
 HERE at ScrapbookGraphics.

We can't way to see what you create whilst guest designing with us this month Erin!