Nov 2, 2013

1 Night Art Retreat

Don and I decided to escape from the kids and the hubbies for 1 night.... we didn't want to go too far and spend all our precious time travelling.
So we decided to holiday in our own hometown... lucky for us is quite big!
We booked a night at a resort, spent half the day shopping, and the rest of the day / night sipping wine, eating nibblies, laughing, listening to music and painting in our newly made Art Journals.
Here's some show and tell pics.
Our view from the Balcony, whilst sipping a refreshing white wine!

Drinkies, Nibblies, Laughs, and Arty fun!

Here's Don's front cover (I so wish I could draw)

And inside her journal cover.

Here's mine (Jules) ... The Cover is a bit of a mess, but I'm still happy with it.

Inside the Journal Cover.  I can't draw, so I designed my images that I wanted to use in photoshop, then printed them on tracing paper and transferred them to my journal.

I think we've got about 10 more pages to go.... once I get some more 'me time' between SS work and family, I'll post some more pics.

Jules xx