Dec 20, 2013

Merry Christmas our Friends

Well it's only a few more days before the big fella with the red and white suit drops by our homes to visit our small children ..... we're so so very excited about Christmas in our homes this year!
The kids are counting down the days and getting ready to rip into the presents at any given moment... there's lots of picking up the pressies, giving them a shake, a feel, and a guess!  Just love it all.
Apart from the family celebrations, Sissy Sparrows is totally excited to be up and running and nearing our 2nd year anniversary early next year.  It's just so hard to believe at times.
We've got some new and exciting projects planned for next year, some are near ready and some are only just in planning stage, but we're counting on some new areas of interest for you and us in 2014.
We've been extremely lucky to have had an amazing team to support us in 2013.
A special thank you to Kimberlee, and Em who have been an awesome duo, not only in helping to promote our products through beautiful pages and marketing, but also as insightful sounding boards for future directions.
You girls are super super special to us.

Next year we will be adding another special lovely to our team, Eszter will be joining the girls to make an amazing trio!
We're all so so excited.

To say a special Thank You to all of our loyal fans and supporters, we are giving away (for a very short time) these beautiful postcards, which have been designed by Em.

To download these beauties, you will need to head on over to our Facebook page, hit the like button (if you aren't already our fans) then download from the Fan Freebie Tab.

On behalf of the Sissy Sparrows Team, have a wonderful safe but naughty Christmas and we'll see you all in the New Year!