Jan 13, 2014


Its very exciting because today we kick off our first Artist Hub Exposé for 2014 with the ever so amazing and extremely talented Claudine Hellmuth!

Many of you would be familiar with Claudine's fabulous Studio product line with Ranger and  of course her fantastic workshops are a must do. Claudine is some what of a celebrity in the crafting world and widely well regarded as a collage artist, author and illustrator!

Claudine lives in washington DC with her husband Paul and their very spoiled pets. She is a prolific artist with a whimsical and vintage edge to her illustrations.
So lets learn more about this fabulous lady.

Introducing the amazing....

Here is her story...

Tell us a little bit about you.
Hello! I'm Claudine Hellmuth! I'm a full-time illustrator who loves to create whimsical favor boxes, invites and party kits for you to download, print and make!

My work has been featured in the New York Times, on The Martha Stewart Show, HGTV, HSN and The DIY Network. My books and gift products designs have been sold in retail stores such as Michael's, Target and TJ Maxx. I've been thrilled to illustrate for companies like Smart Car, Capitol Records and publications such as The Saturday Evening Post.

Claudines latest book 'The Scrapbookers Creativity Kit' can be found here.

When I am not covered in paper, glue and tape, I'm walking our dog Maggie, reading a book or enjoying an afternoon nap with our very fat cat, Mabel!

What do you love about your creative process?
The part I love most about my printable kits is figuring out how to make my vision work on flat paper. It can be quite a puzzle to make some of the more complex shapes, (especially the round ones like the cupcakes) to work. From scratch the design process can take anywhere up to 2-3 weeks to complete.

Each design begins with sketches and line drawings; next I play with color and pattern (more polka dots please!) add in a lot of paper folding, a little experimentation and finally a few late nights for good measure!
You can read more about Claudine's process over at her blog HERE
Below is a video on how to make Claudine's incredibly clever and cute cupcakes!

What is your greatest influence and where do you find inspiration?

I have worked with paper for as long as I can remember and I've always loved creating thing. When I was a little girl I had a Barbie Dream House and I made almost all the furniture to go inside it. I even created a little stone fireplace using a jello box that I had covered in small pebbles and gave it a mantle!

In 2012-2013, I had a paper crafting product line in the Home Shopping Network here in the USA and my favourite part about designing the products was creating teh packaging. I love cute packing! Sometimes I buy something just because of teh packaging. I created packaging boxes in the shapes of houses and cute little trucks.

Eventually this gave me the idea to play around with creating the designs as printable kits and selling them on Etsy to see if people liked them. ANd much to my surprise they did! Teher is something magical to me to see that I can design something here in my little aprtment and someone can print it out and assemble across the globe from me!

What is your favourite piece of artwork you have created and why?
My favourite kit that I have created is the Retro Oven Cupcake box printable. This one is also my best seller! It's a little retro style oven and a cupcake fits inside!

{Click Image Above to go to Claudine's Etsy Store}

Lastly can you share some of your favourite things at the moment?
Desire Map Book by Danielle Laporte
My Birchbox Subscription
BlogcastFM podcast
Gratitude App by HappyTapper
'Baked Apples' 

To connect with Claudine follow these links:
Website: Claudine Hellmuth: Retro Whimsical Art and Illustration
Shop: Whimsical Printable Party
Blog: Claudine Hellmuth Blog

Thank you so much Claudine, it was an absolute pleasure learning more about you and your process. Your printables are a tonne of fun so am thinking it is time for a spot of retail therapy followed by a cupcake or two!