Jul 8, 2013


This months Artist Hub Exposé is a quick look into the life of Magda Bolinska aka mumkaa. 
Magda has a talent for creating movement in her pages. At first glance her seems almost chaotic but you find yourself delving deeper and soon realise its very organised. Her love for adding texture is created using lots of different mediums and then melding that with layered snippets of everything and anything that fits the theme.
Her scrapbooking pages are synonymous with the Art Journal style...that loose expressive approach to documentation is really apparent in her work. Magda also creates spectacular Art Journal pages that are an absolute pleasure to get lost in. So lets learn a teeny bit more about her and her artistic approach I know you will fall inlove with her signature style of organised chaos just as we have.

Introducing the amazing....

Here is her story...

My name is Magda Bolinska also known as mumkaa. I`m 27 year old Polish girl, full time mum, scrapbooker, blogger, mixed media artist and immigrant. For the last 7 years I have lived in the UK – with my [almost]hubby and with my two little daughters – Olivia [6] and Hannah [1]. My world revolves around my children and our home.  I`m a cook, cleaner and so on ! And as a mum of 2 I have lots of things to do all day long :) But I love it :) When my girls are asleep I have a few hours of a night time just for myself - and thats when I read or create :)

In my work I like using different kinds of mediums - like watercolors, acrylic paints, inks and so on.  My work without paint? Definitely NO ! ;) I love using scraps of papers and stamps [yes, stamps are my big love !].  How could I decribe my work? Freestyle, controlled mess, colors. I hope that people see a good energy in my work.

My inspirations are... my kids, everyday life, works by other scrappers, music, words … this list is actually endless! I draw inspiration from my everyday environment [even a box of cookies could be very inspiring or color combos in magazine !] Of course I`m a big fan of Pinterest too ! It`s always an endless source of inspiration!

When I create I try not think too much and not plan my works -  I like when my work arises spontaneously [but I must admit that it`s not always easy]. Sometimes a few words that I have overheard somewhere or an inspiring pattern /photo is enough to spur on an idea for my work.

'5 Things I Love'
Art Journal Album

My parents always said and still say that being yourself is very important in our life - I would like for my daughters to also remember about this so when I saw this quote I knew it would be a great starting point for the page I made especially for Sissy Sparrows....

...and used it in the title work. 

Wow thank you so much Mumkaa, your style is so unique and very very beautiful we just had to share you with our digital and art journal friends. Your special page is stunning and how cute is your little girl! he he

To check out more of Magda's amazing projects pop over to her flickr account and swoon for hours as it is filled to the brim with lots of beautiful artworks. You can also pay a visit to her blog and for even more insight into her life check out her Instagram page and all her fun photographs.