Oct 7, 2013


This months Artist Hub Exposé is a quick look into the life of Teresa McFayden. 
Teresa is an artist with quite a few creative years clocked under her belt making and exploring mixed media. Teresa describes her art as being a mix of modern whimsy melded in with an abstract construct. Her style is fluid, fun and yet still quite considered with a softness that draws you into her landscapes and characters.

Teresa is a very prolific E-Workshop teacher sharing in her creative process and revealing some of her techniques and tips, so check out what is available now there is bound to be something that appeals.

So lets now explore Teresa's creative world some more.

Introducing the amazing....
Here is her story...

Tell us a little bit about you.
I believe in the limitless opportunity we all have to positively affect one another’s lives. My favorite moments are the small ones; the right song playing on the radio, creating the perfect shade of blue, a rich warm latte, long walks which are necessary for inspiration, small kindnesses from strangers, and slow Sunday mornings.

Painting is my first love, but I studied education at The University of Nebraska Omaha, and enjoy teaching others to find and use their creative spirit. It is a privilege to mix art, creativity and teaching. I teach painting locally and nationally and have taught numerous online e-workshops over the years.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska with my family (who I am often inspired by). My days are filled with a menagerie of creative pursuits which taken together carve out a happy living - for that I am especially grateful.
I have a studio in our home. It started as an extra bedroom...then moved to our basement. I miss the natural light but I love the big space! I love that it is quiet down in my studio, but I'm always close to the family. Great for a multitasker like me.
I love art journaling! I write in one every morning and have about 20 art journals...they are my keep me sane!

How would you describe your art to people who have not seen it before?
Mixed media painting is my chosen method of play and discovery. I use acrylics, graphite and watercolor to create stories, attitudes and whimsical characters on canvas or paper. My paintings, in their shallow spaces, are often childlike renderings of animals, flowers, and rough-edged splotches of color evoking early 19th century primitive art. Yet, there is symbolic allusiveness, color tension, playfulness of spirit, and poise that make my pieces contemporary. 

What is your greatest influence and where do you find inspiration?
As far as anyone inspiring or significant to my development as an artist...well there have been several. One of the first was my Grandmother. She was a magnificent artist who shared her talents me when I was young. She painted and enjoyed pottery. She was a very shy person, but she had big dreams inside and they took her art in many wonderful directions. I admire that so much.

Inspiration is for amateurs. I wouldn't say there is anything in particular that inspires me anymore than the next person. Producing good work is only done by committing yourself to the work. Inspiration might get you started toward working on something, but it's persistence and commitment that make a person grow in any field...art or otherwise. I would say that many of my best ideas come to me while taking long walks when I can think clearly. 

Currently exhibiting at:
I am so delighted to have my mixed media paintings featured at my favorite local art gallery, Dundee Gallery in Omaha, Ne. I just started putting my work there this Summer. It's going really well and it warms my heart to know that my work is selling so well locally. I used to have a market on the west and east coast...not in the midwest. So I'm really glad to be changing that. I've worked hard to do that. I started selling at art fairs in my hometown, and featuring my work in a few galleries. I think I have found a good home for my work now. 

What is your favourite piece of artwork you have created and why?
This is always changing of course!  I may have a favorite and then in a month or so I have a new favorite! :)

To see more of Teresa's beautiful artworks check out her portfolio here.

And lastly here is a quote that has resonated with her for a couple of years and is a great reminder for all of us!

Isn't she amazing! If you are wanting a little piece of Teresa's art in your own home pop over to her Etsy store and grab yourself some specatcular artwork to cherish forever.

Thank you so much Teresa for sharing an insight into the way you work, create and inspire!