Dec 9, 2013


This month is our last Artist Hub Exposé for 2013, where did this year go? 
So we thought we'd wrap the year up with a home grown talent the beautiful and creative Louise Nelson or otherwise known as loolabelle. 

Louise lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Her style of scrapbooking is minimalist however its far from that. Her subtle layering and strong sense of emotional connection with her subjects and theme comes through so succinctly with a simple daub of the brush or splatter of mist. You truly get a sense that when she creates its very much a considered excercise yet she still maintains a fluid and free style. Her measured choice of materials and what would best render these emotions on paper is truly inspiring. 
So lets learn more about this fabulous lady.

Introducing the amazing....

Here is her story...

Tell us a little bit about you.
Whilst I have a very strong conservative side to me, both IRL and creatively, there is another side to me that desperately wants to let go... meet my 'I wanna have fun Louise!'

I feel that my creativity is a result of both of these parts which is probably why I have the minimalist arty thing going on with my scrapbooking. I am a middle aged woman who loves her profession [Perioperative Registered Nurse] who is also passionate about pursuing a creative life; which just happens to be the ever so humble and wonderful paper craft Scrapbooking!

So how did I get into scrapbooking? Well I first started scrapbooking in 2005 after a work colleague brought in her scrapbooking/holiday album. I took one look and I was ‘smitten’. Prior to scrapbooking my only creative hobby had been furniture restoration.

Studio? Oh I so wish! Recently I had to move and as a result I no longer have the wonderful large studio that I had. I am still in the process of settling in to my new house. I have a small area of enclosed veranda that I am converting into a scrap zone.  I am still thinking about how and where I can create a painting zone! Unfortunately I don’t get as much time as I would like for creativity, but what ever spare moment I have I endeavour to do something creative!

I don’t have or keep an Art Journal as such. Though I do plan to create journals out of all of my ‘loose leaf’ sheets of creative play. You will find almost all of my creative play and experimention in/on my layouts. I don’t always share what I create, there are some areas of my creativity that I keep just for me, for a variety of reasons.


How would you describe your art to people who have not seen it before?
Over the years my style has developed and changed ‘a lot’, for the reasons I outline below when I talk about my greatest influences and inspirations! Whilst staying very much a simple and/or minimalist scrapbooker, I have gone from using mostly traditional products, to using a mixture of both traditional and non-traditional products and many art mediums; including mists, paint, inks.

Right now, I have what has been labelled by others as an ‘arty style’, ‘deceptively simple’ ‘organic’ and ‘authentic’. I’m not sure what I would call it, but that probably covers it! I am passionate about scrapbooking, I love trying out different techniques and products, I love to experiment, I love to do mixed media workshops and classes, and see how I can take what I have learnt and incorporate it into my scrapbooking and infuse them with my own take, my own style! I just love to create.

What is your greatest influence and where do you find inspiration?

I find it hard to isolate one particular great influence. I do however have a few that have had a profound influence on how I create.

The first I will share, is at the risk of making myself sound like a complete loser. When I started scrapbooking I had absolutely no concept of design principles or colour theory. I have no formal training or basic education in art and or design. Initially it was a constant irritation to me that my layouts never looked right, and I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until I was having a conversation at a retreat and the subject of design principles was bought up, that I finally realised why my layouts weren’t working out as I would have liked. They were so badly designed and very hit and miss. I also had difficulty with colour coordination; I now have 3 different types of colour wheels that I refer to when I create.  

Since I have done ‘some research’ about design and colour theory I have found my ability to create a visually pleasing layout so much easier, and satisfying. I do count my drips and try hard to ensure my splats look balanced LOL. And, whilst I do try hard to use a range of colours on my layouts, I still very much resort to monochromatic colour choices. I lack confidence with using colour; it actually stresses me, but I try to push through that!

Another great influence on how I create is my overwhelming need for privacy; which I can appreciate is quite contradictory given that I am a scrapbooker, and memory keeper. It has meant that I rarely journal on my layouts. However that doesn’t mean that the layouts that I create are meaningless, or without purpose.  I have developed a ‘mental’ approach to creating a layout, where by the actual process of creating is an emotional release for me, so I feel like I am infusing the layout with the thoughts and or memory that I want to scrap. It is my way of journaling. And occasionally, the design and choice of elements will reflect or symbolise the memory or feeling that I want to document. I can appreciate that this may not be obvious to most people but I have had friends pick up on it.

Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, is the two main creative sources of inspiration that have influenced my style of creativity; that of Modern Art and Digital Scrapbooking. I cant quite articulate how excited I am, and overwhelmed with inspiration and creative ideas, when I visit Modern Art Galleries and Exhibitions, I believe that If I never go to another gallery or exhibition in my lifetime that I already have more ideas that time, to explore and experiment with. For me the term Modern Art incorporates a broad range of creative disciplines. The most exciting and recent source of inspiration has been the designs of fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Whilst I can appreciate that this might not seem obvious in my creativity, I am taking baby steps at the moment with my creative play, The very conservative part of me very much constrains how I apply this inspiration in my scrapbooking.

When I ‘stumbled upon’ a digital scrapbooking blog; Gallery Standouts. I was totally and yes this probably sounds ‘over the top’ dumb struck!  As I looked at layout after layout I kept thinking, ‘but why cant I do that?’! More specifically it was the layouts that were incorporating organic elements realistic looking leaves and branches etc. The need to do this on my own layouts was a real turning point for me! As I analysed more and more layouts, specifically those that incorporate the use of white space in their design, I found that things were finally coming together in my mind for me, and that I was able to create so much more confidently and instinctively! So now, more often that not, I am so ‘in the zone’, when I am creating that I have no firm concept of how the layout will turnout until it is finished.

So what I have outlined above would be the greatest influences on my creativity. That is not to say that there aren’t any others, there are many many creative individuals and other creative disciplines that have and continue to inspire me in my creativity. When I am feeling the need to experience something new to revive my mojo I will tap into these sources!

I will go web surfing, I will resort to re reading the many books that I have bought, that range from photography, to interior design, or, I will quite simply, take a walk!

What is your favourite piece of artwork you have created and why?
Please may I share a few of my most recent favourites from the last couple of years? They represent creative milestones of creative exploration and acceptance.

All of the images above are of scrapbooking layouts. The next 2 images are of 2 Canvas’s, one a straight forward painting and the other a clock.

 'Cellular War'

'As Time Flies'

 Can you share one final extra something maybe a link to a video or a favourite quote?
Hmmm, I must confess that I do struggle to answer these types of questions; however I would love to share with you a few things that make me smile and speak to my heart and mind big time.

A couple of Quotes

'Never give up on your dream just because of the time that it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.'

'Say Less, Mean More.'

A couple of my Life and Creative inspirations

A couple of Incredible Scrapbookers

A couple of amazing Artists who I found on Pinterest whose Art I wish I had a piece of!!

Personal Mantra

'The Devil is in the Details.' 
and last but not least...

Thank you so much Louise for sharing an insight into you and your creative life. Your beautiful works of art are a fantastic example of how scrapbooking can lend itself to a mixed media technique driven approach and exploration of mediums.

If you would like to see more of Lou's amazing artworks scoot on over to her Flickr Gallery and her Gallery . To connect with her, head on over to her a blog 'An Uninterrupted View' for some regular updates on her creative journey and be sure to say hello.

Have a fabulously festive season and stay safe over the New Year celebrations!

Lots of hugs,